Runners Brain

I always come up with my best blog posts when I’m running.  Sometimes I wish I had a little notepad to write down my thoughts, I guess this would by kind of hard though since you know I’d be running.  Or better yet, I could pull an Albus Dumbledore and pull my thoughts out with my wand into a basin.  Yes, I said with my wand.  I bought one this past October in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I was the oldest one by 10 years on the line, but whatever 143 Harry.

I'm Harry Potter!


Seriously though, how cool is this?



So anyways, I’ve been thinking lately about how runners are a different breed. Running is like another boyfriend or girlfriend.  Runners speak in different terms and get each other.  For instance, I would never snot rocket in front of my friends BUT in front of runners, totally acceptable. Right? Yesterday, while at work, I blurted out randomly, “OMG Two more weeks until daylight savings time”. Normal employees would not of understood me but fortunately enough, my friend Patty who is a cyclist, was right by me.  I started to apologize and explain why I was so damn exciting about it being lighter sooner, I’m a nighttime runner, and she stops me ” Bri I totally get it, no need to explain”.   Athletes of all types, get each other.  We understand the true meaning of  “the runs”, the need for an ice bath and/or ice cream after a speed workout, G.I issues, and why we don’t drink the night before a long run or race. I LOVE my running friends.  They get me and the insane way I think. Carbo loading Friday nights anyone?


So far, training has been going well.  The plan the I’m using doesn’t have any tempo runs, so I’m using the lighter run days( 3-5 mi) as them.  So far so good.  My goal pace of 9:10 seems a little out of reach. BUT I just need to WORK harder.  I keep telling myself “it’s supposed to be hard” “work hard now and the race will be easy”.  It seems to be working.  I’ve gotten my longer runs to stay under 10 YAY and my shorter runs are hovering around 9:20.  I still have 2.5 months more to go.  I’m trying to keep all positive thoughts.


In other news, I’m trying to find tickets for The Black Keys. I LOVE them.  They have such a different sound.  When I listen to them, I just picture myself bopping along with a beer in my hand, don’t you?  Too bad I decided to look for tickets after they went on sale.  MSG sold out, I guess I’ll have to buy some obscene price from StubHub.


So tell me, what do you tell yourself to get through tough/speedy runs?


Until next time,


Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.


P.S I had such a runners high yesterday that I almost hopped in the shower with my socks on. Totally NOT kidding.



My love/hate relationship with Track Workouts

Last night, when I got home from work, my mom greets me with ” He’s waiting”. I look into the kitchen and see Coach/Brother Ryan suited up in Under Armour waiting for my arrival to head out on a run. Before getting ” HI” out I hear ” Hurry Up!” as I crawl/walk up the stairs to get my running gear on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running with him BUT he’s SO intimidating. Did I mention I was doing a speed work out because HE had to do one. I guess I could of BS’d running around the track but how boring and monotonous would that have been? Alright, first speed workout since September (I know I’m bad right? Running fast freaks me out.) shouldn’t be too bad… right?

My goal was to sprint 300m & jog 100m for 2 miles. Hence I said my goal. I ended up running that for 1.5 miles and the last .5 I sprinted 200m with a 30 sec rest in between. My times were completely shit-tastic. IDK what I expected after pretending that just doing long runs will make me faster. Reality check, they don’t and I need to suck it up and RUN FAST.

My times: 300m- 1:17 (yikes!) 200m :47

My brothers times: 800m: 2:17, 400m :67, 200m :27

See, I wasn’t too far off from his…

Prior to my boycotting of speed workouts I was hitting 300m at :65 AND I thought I was slow. I guess I should incorporate some more into my workouts? If you were wondering, it was completely awesome running my ass off and having my brother sprint past as he was lapping me.

On a lighter note, there are a lot of cool things happening in the running world right now.

1. On Januray 26th, @seedouglasrun blogger at, is hosting the FIRST Twitter Road Race. Email/DM him to sign up and check out his site for more info.

2. If you didn’t know, December 17th is Bart Yasso’s birthday. As a birthday present, let him know how much he’s either impacted you or the running community. Check out to learn more about Project Birthday Bart!

3. As a reminder, tonight is the women’s running chat on Twitter at 6pm PST. Last time I attended, I was able to meet some great new runners and a few awesome blogs to read.

Will you be joining? Let me know!

Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.