3 Things Running Taught Me

1. Without Running I will go insane

2. I need running in my life more than I ever knew

3. I cannot continue to eat like a 300lb man and have bacon ranch sandwiches for lunch everyday when I don’t run.


I haven’t posted in a while because I was in a running funk and I thought I’d save you all from my pity posts about not being able to run. Three weeks ago I found out I had posterior tibial tendonitis. Which basically means I had really bad pain in the arch/heel of my foot whenever I walked/ran.  The first two days of not running weren’t so bad, I pretended they were rest days( see I’m really good at mind games), but when the pain was still there I started to FREAK. Was I going to lose everything I worked for?  Was my endurance going to be affected? If you didn’t know this already, I’m completely mental about running.  I think it’s because I went from not being able to run a half mile to running a half marathon in such a short period amount of time that I constantly freak out about losing my endurance just as quickly, crazy I know.


After speaking with the PT she thinks I either amped up my mileage too much in such a short amount of time or that I don’t stretch enough.  Personally,  I think know that  I don’t stretch enough.  Actually I rarely stretch at all.  I like to still think I still have my gumby 16-year old dancer body.  Shockingly I don’t, darn it. So a week goes by of not running and I’m starting to get so antsy.  I feel like everyone around me is getting their runs in– I swear all of a sudden people were running past my window at work throughout the day.  So I decided to ask the Acupuncturist who works at my job if she could help me out.  Turns out she could.  I’m not going to lie, the need she put in the bottom of my foot and my arch KILLED me.  She used STM on the needles in my knee, arch, and bottom of my foot. Twenty minutes later and BOOM I was back to normal.  Crazy right?  I tried running New Years Day, I did about 1.5 miles and my arch started hurting again. Womp,Womp. First thing Monday I got acupuncture again and my foot felt great.  We think the taping the PT did was forcing me to pronate which was causing another injury, so we decided to take the tape off and see how I felt.

Last week I went full force back into running.  What a stupid, stupid idea.  Can you blame me though?  I was SO excited to run again. My foot felt great until Saturday.  I had a long run planned, but only did 5 miles because my foot was bothering me. So far I’ve taken off Sunday & Monday, I’m trying to be a good little runner but it’s driving me insane.  I feel like my runs suck now from taking off and I feel all flabby and gross.  Am I crazy?  On a lighter note, I finally joined Daily Mile. Woo-hoo.  My goal for 2012 is to run 1,000 miles, do-able? I think so!

Some goals I’ve made for myself that I’d like to achieve in the next 6 months

1. Run a sub-30 5k

Clearly I was hot and took my clothes off and threw them on the ground.

2. Suck it up & Join a local running group, which hopefully will help with goal number 1.

3. Run the Jersey Shore Half Marathon with Rebecca & Kailey. Oh, and hopefully have some crazy PR like 45 minutes or so.  Gotta be ambitious, right?

Maybe I'll actually keep up with Rebecca this time

Maybe I'll actually keep up with Rebecca this time


I’m going to use the Mcmillan running calculator to get my booty in gear.  Has anyone else seen results from it? What are some of your short-term goals for 2012? It doesn’t have to be running related! Also, is anyone running in the 10 mile to the Brewery run on January 28th in Sayville? I don’t think I’ll be running , damn foot, but I’ll be cheering everyone on 🙂


Until next time,


Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.


My NYCM Recap

Alright, so I lied.  I didn’t run in the New York City Marathon and I don’t have a recap.  Instead on Sunday I drove, well I didn’t drive I was the FRONT passenger–sitting the back makes me nauseous, 26.2 miles and tasted wine along the North Fork of Long Island.  I did plan on checking in on the marathon numerous times throughout my adventures BUT unfortunately I only did this twice because umm the wine kinda took over… woops.

Wine + Nicole + Me = Best friends

Sunday started out a little slow because as usual, I thought I knew exactly where we were going when in actuality I never do and just think everything looks familiar. hehe. So my friends and I finally arrived at Pindar, my favorite.  We had a great time and before I knew it I was drunk.  Yes I know pathetic.  This is what happens when you don’t drink for 7 months due to training/running.  You see I’m THAT dedicated that I would risk my tolerance to alcohol for running.  We left and headed towards Duckwalk.  I think we ended up staying here for a lot longer than we planned but whatever it was FUN.  Did you know if you tell people it’s your birthday they give you massive amounts of FREE wine, yes FREE.  At this point,  I was telling my friends to call me Bella Swan and I wanted to talk in a British accent.  Embarrassing I know.  Apparently I’ve been watching too much Twilight for my own good. SIDENOTE: I’ve finally got my boyfriend into Twilight–SCORE.  Next on our list, well  I guess my list b/c apparently I’m demanding of mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and cheese fries when I’m drunk.  Training say what?  So we headed to the only place the would have all that– The Harbour Front deli in Greenport. YUMMY. I ate so much that I sobered up… Just a little. We left and our DD, Jenna, was the one that fell.  The word “fell” is even being nice, she ate shit.  I couldn’t stop laughing my cheekbones hurt so bad.  Two little old ladies luckily were there and grabbed each side of her and lifted her up.  SORRY JENNA. I wish I had a picture of it, if you were wondering she was a trooper and survived with no bruises. Next we headed to the Carousel ride.  Yup, I’m 23 years old and wanted to ride on the Carousel– mainly because A. I was drunk and B. If you catch the golden ring you get a free ride.  Apparently the Carousel gods didn’t know my  I didn’t get a golden ring. Darn. We must have made the ticket seller’s day because she asked if I could bring all my friends back.  ALL my friends? Didn’t she know they were all there with me… LOL After running around, literally I have a thing with racing people everywhere now that I’m a RUNNER, we left and jammed out to great music.  First on the playlist was Leather and Lace– which was played approximately 30 times followed by some of my 10th grade favorites, Glass Jaw, The Early November, At the Drive In, Underoath, and Finch. Good times. We all sang along and I made up words as I went along– what can I say I’m a natural born free-styler.   All in all, 23 you’ve been good to me.  I had a great day and even better friends.  I’m so thankful for them.  It’s crazy how just in one year so many things can change.  I’m looking forward to 2012 and all the PR’s it will bring me 😉

Since I’m not an early riser I get to do all my runs at night. I love running at night it’s the best feeling.  Tonight, I will be doing a much needed speed work out.  I feel like I’ve lost all my speed from training for the half marathon- I know I’m being dramatic but seriously when I go out for a few miles I feel so sluggish.  I just want to be fast damn it!  For my cool down, my good friend Ashley will be joining me! I’ve recruiting her to becoming a runner 🙂 I’m looking forward to having someone with me!

DEAR LONG ISLAND, I need more running friends! Love, Me

See Ashley? The girl second from the left? She's going to become a runner today.

Some last running accomplishment’s I’d like to achieve are:

1. Run another half marathon in under 2:15

2. Volunteer at a local race– runners are so inspiring.

3. Run a mile in 6:45– I know this migh

t be a tough one.

4. Redeem myself in a 5K- 31 minutes is not going to cut it anymore

5. Suck it up and run at one of the local runs Sayville Running Company hosts. I don’t know why I have such anxiety over this.  I think I’m still in the mindset of I’m not a runner and will be in the back straggling by myself. See what 22 years of not running can do to a person 😉

What are your last-minute 2011 fitness goals? I want to hear it!