Day 1 of Half Marathon Training

Today is the day that I’ve been anxiously awaiting.  Training for me is a love/hate relationship.  I hate when I have no direction in my runs when I don’t have a race to train for , but I also hate training because what if I don’t do as well as I planned.  I hate having bad runs, they always get me down. In Brianna like fashion, I still haven’t decided which half I will be doing.  I’m sure sooner or later I will be creating pro’s & con’s list of the two half’s.  I hate making decisions.  I always want the best and am always afraid I’ll make the wrong choice. Crazy, right?

I’ve spent the last month mulling over training plans.  Which one would be “right” for me.  Originally I had planned to use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Plan but then I changed my mind.  I didn’t like that his LR’s start at 5miles. Don’t get me wrong, I know there must be a purpose for this, but for me mentally I don’t think I would be mentally prepared if I trained that way.  I’m a total mental runner, as I know most of us are.  I need to get out of my head and stop analyzing things.  I knew for sure if I started with 5 mile long runs, I’d be going insane and not think I was prepared (fyi I  normally do 8-12 mi LR’s).  I’ve been getting into reading a lot of running blogs, but saying getting into I really mean obsessed.  I love reading how running has changed peoples lives or the obstacles they’ve over came, it can be so inspiring.  So,  I decided to look at some of my running inspirations training plans.  A lot seemed to hard or to many miles.  Don’t get me wrong, I love running long but it can be hard with my job & me not being a morning person (fun fact: I have work at 9 & sometimes I get up at 8:15…oops.). Ironically, I found a training plan on Pinterest.  My new obsession, I can spend hours on that site.  I’m still deciding between the “beginner” and “intermediate” program.

the "Beginner" Plan

The "Intermediate" Plan

I like that the intermediate program has you going up to 15mi’s before the half (mentally I think this would be great for me) BUT I dislike that mileage during the week.  Not that 7mi’s is a lot to pull out during the week physically, but after getting home and it’s dark out and oh UM I’m really freaking slow, the last think  I want to do is be running for over an hour in the pitch black.  Maybe I’ll do a mix between the beginner & intermediate and see how I feel.  I strongly believe that not every training plan is meant for everyone and that you should tailor it to you needs/wants and ability.


In other news, recently I’ve been becoming obsessed with knee high socks.  It could be my obsession with Shalane OR my inner FIT-er coming out and wanting to be more stylish when I run, who knows.  Does anyone know where  I could get a pair that’s not 40 bucks!?!  Also, I’ve decided I want to design some t-shirts, look out for em’.  I’m just trying to decide what printing company to use, any suggestions? 🙂

Is anyone else training for a half? Let me know!


Until next time,


Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.


Good Luck OR Positive Thinking?

Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile, I know, but I’ve had so many positive things happening in my life.  It’s been a crazy whirlwind and everything is starting to fall into place.   Lately I’ve been trying to think positively, rather than harp on the negative.  You can really get caught up in the stress which will ultimately make your problems a lot worse for you.  Recently, I did an Angel Card reading.  I know what your thinking, but I had my doubts too, but where I work there is a holistic healer who is all for this and told me I just had to try it.  So I did. Completely full of disbelief, I had to clear my head and think of a question I wanted to ask “the angels”.  Of course I stood there awkwardly, pretending I had some question.  Then it hit me, ” I want to be happy”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always so happy & energetic (it’s my profession–PR), but recently I felt so weighed down.  Then, I had to pick from a deck of angel cards, whichever one “called out to me” even though they are all faced down and look exactly the same.  So I pick one, and what do you know I get Angel Indriel.  Basically, it says that people dump all of their problems on me, even strangers (true & true) and I need to learn to not let them get me down and take their problems with me & shake it off.  Spot on? I think so.  I’ve been trying really hard lately to just stay positive and not let my own feelings be affected by others and I honestly feel so good.  I’ve been on a lucky streak for almost a week now.  Guess I should play lotto.

A quick synopsis of my good luck  (in list form because I’ a crazy type-a personality):

  • Everything is going SUPER good at my job, we are booming in all of our facilities and literally are beginning to not have any openings.  Although it’s a problem, it’s a GOOD problem to have. (if you didn’t know I’m also a marketer)
  • I found the car of my dreams. After having my wonderful little Chevy Malibu for 6 years (the one my parents got me when I passed my road test) It was finally time to move on.  After test driving 10 cars, yes 10 I’m neurotic, I finally came to a decision, a 2012 Volkswagen CC. I always wanted it but never thought I’d be able to purchase it at 23, by myself.
  • I won a necklace from the amazingly talented, Erica Sara. I literally never win anything and  totally just entered on a whim.  It is gorgeous. I highly recommend purchasing one!

    My gorgeous Erica Sara Necklace! On the back it says Strength & Run Long.

  • My plantar fasciitis is almost ALL gone. Since my acupunturist was having a tough time curing me, she brought me to one of her friends & previous Professor’s who does trigger point acupuncture as well as had a multitude of experience with athletes.  I’m not going to lie, it hurt & I had to take 5 days off from running but in the end I think it was worth it.  I also changed my shoes. My acupuncturist asked my body, I know crazy right, what was causing my foot pain and apparently my body answered that it was my sneakers. I switched from my beloved Brooks Adrenaline’s to Asics Kayano’s and so far, I couldn’t be happier.
  • I’ve been on a kick ass run streak this week.  Normally I get so harped up on time and how fast I’m going that I end up freaking myself out.  All I want to be is fast god damnit. BUT I realize I need to just chill out and let my body run & trust in my training.  I’ve been stuck on the dreaded 10-min mile.  IDK why. It’s all in my head and now I know that.  For the past few nights I’ve been running at what I felt was a comfortable pace, not too easy but not where I’m gasping for breath, and guess what my Garmin was reading at a 9:07. See I’m crazy. Last night, I did my first ever mile repeats.  Mile 1- 10:04 (warm up), Mile 2- 9:17, Mile 3- 8:57, Mile 4- 8:34(woo-woo), Mile 5- (cool down) 9:30.  I was on such a high, but today I’m feeling wiped out.  Mind you I did this at 6:00pm in 30 degree windy weather, in shorts. I’m a genius, I know.  I just hate wearing pants but I learned my lesson last night since I had a chill I couldn’t get rid off.  Last nights run made me push myself a lot more than I normally do.  I kept repeating to myself, someone my brother told me, “You need to push yourself 100% in workouts, they should be harder than the actual race”.  I rarely ever do that b/c I’m always afraid that I’m going to push myself to far, but then do I ever actually know my limits? Nope. Lesson learned.

With all that being said, I’m still deciding on what Half I want to do in May.  The LI Half, horrible course but close to home, & the Jersey Half are the same weekend.  I know people doing both, but I just can’t decide. Stay home for a horrible course or travel for a beautiful/new course. What to do what to do. Training officially starts Monday!!! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. My goal is a 2-hr Half. Scary to say that, but also embarrassing at the same time.  Only a 2 hr half.  I feel like I should be so much faster than that.Hmph.  I will be back up on posting a lot throughout it.  I want to document everything so if I do well,  I can look back and see how I improved/felt during training.   Also, coming up is my one-year anniversary of running!! February 18th.  Yay-yah.


Is anyone else running a spring half? Have you been having a good luck streak?


Until next time,

Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.