No Run Cookie Fun

I was a bad little runner and took off on Friday.  Sorry RWRunStreak but my calf was screaming at me to take a day off s00o, I did.  Instead of running I filled my night with baking and eating all things sugary & delicious with the best friends a girl could ask for.  We  I wore my Santa hat and then the BEST thing happened.  SANTA CAME. No joke, I was anxiously mixing the cookie dough when we heard the sirens, looked out the window, and there was Santa.  No judging, we got free candy canes. PERFECTION. I over indulged on the sugar since Thursday I couldn’t have ANYTHING that had sugar in it due to an acupuncture treatment I had in an attempt to abolish my migraines.  So far so good.

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Saturday’s long run was pretty awesome, not.  Note to self– Do NOT try to run 11 miles after eating massive amounts of cookies and nachos.  Even though my stomach was not being my best friend, the run was amazing.  Sometimes it’s hard getting out the door when I know I have so many miles to do but once I start I’m so happy I did. Long runs give me time to think and test myself.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I can run that far.  Sunday I woke up with arch pain which STILL hasn’t gone away.  I’m hoping that it’s not plantar fasciitis.  I’ve been playing Dr. Google and freaking myself out.  Luckily, I work for a physical & massage therapy company with an onsite acupuncturist so today I get to ask them a million questions today instead of playing Doctor.

I finally filled out the questionnaire for Scott from Who Has The Runs , sorry it took nearly a month, and I’ll be making a guest appearance on his blog.  How exciting! 🙂

Yesterday my Garmin 410 arrived! Unfortunately it’s a Christmas present soo I have to wait a long grueling 6 days to wear it.  I’m looking forward to being even more neurotic about my times and analyzing them, aren’t you 😉

What  are you getting the special runner in your life for the Holidays?  Runners World Subscription? Race Entry? Garmin? Sport Id? Let me know!

Until next time,

Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong


6 thoughts on “No Run Cookie Fun

  1. I predict plantar faciitis (have you checked your shoes & whether or not your arches are fully supported in them recently?) and a prescription for calf raises/stretches. Also, those cookies look amazing and I am jealous that they are not in my apartment RIGHT. NOW.

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