3 Things I’m loving right now

A few things things that have been making me smile:


1. Jenna Marbles. I normally hate YouTube videos that everyone thinks is hilarious BUT I’ve found myself to be addicted to her.  IDK why but I think she’s SO funny.

Here’s one of my favorites:

2. The Twitter Road Race. If you haven’t heard of it yet you either aren’t on Twitter OR are not paying attention to this really fun and awesome idea.  Sign up at http://www.dougcassaro.com/p/twitter-road-race.html for the Inaugural Twitter Road Race on January 21st, and get this, its located EVERYWHERE! Just leave your house and run a 5k as fast as you can, come  home and Tweet your times with the hashtag #TwitterRoadRace. So far, bets are on the girls 😉 Spread the word!

3. The ProStretch. I am forever thankful for this overly priced piece of plastic.  It’s helping me in preventing this little thing called plantar fasciitis which means I’ll be back to running soon.  Yes, Yes Yes! I hate not running,  I have way to much energy and I feel like crap.  I’m going to try some pilates later to drown my running sorrows.


What are you loving right now? Tell Me!  Also, does anyone have some advice for strength training for runners?

Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.


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