5 Reasons Why Running Made Me a Better Person

Alright, so we all know running and exercising is great for the mind, body & soul but last night I was thinking “running made me a better person too”.  I know it may sound odd but I think other runners out there may understand where I’m coming from.

1. I’m not as cranky & can eat whatever I want. – They say nothing is better than a runner’s high (which was widely talked about during last nights FitBlog chat).  Sometimes I think I have a pre-mature runners high JUST because I know I’m going to be running I get all excited. Lame? Maybe, but it’s the truth. There’s truly nothing better than going home after a bad day at work and running off all the tension & thoughts.  I return home not wanting to kill everyone in sight and I usually treat myself to TCBY for a job well done ;-). It’s the little things right?  Now I eat guilt free which means I’m a lot happier to be around– not that I’m saying I wasn’t a nice chipper person before running but now I’ll go out and not worry about getting dessert or better yet eating everything out my “family” mexican dinner nights.  What can I say I love guacamole and luckily so do my friends.  I’m sure some of my friends are reading this now and saying to themselves ” who is she kidding, she’s always watching what she eats” which is true BUT normally that’s because parties always end up being the night before a race.  How lucky am I?

2. Giving back to local charities- I find myself finding local races to do not because of the sweet shirt I might get or to add to my bib collection on my wall, but because I want the fundraising to go to a particular charity rather than receiving a sick swag bag. This year I’ve given back the most I ever have–not that I have all this money b/c being an ex-college student I’m student loan debt.  Sometimes it’s just nice knowing that your $20 you’d probably spend on frivolous things goes to helping someone else.

3. I’m closer with my brother than ever before– Even though my brother and I are 6 years apart we’ve always been oddly close.  I can’t even tell you one time that we got into a fight.  Having a running bond with him is different, at least I think so.  He probably thinks I’m more annoying because I’m constantly asking him questions about running, gear, and what he thinks my capabilities are.  Annoying = closer, right? Maybe one day we’ll run in a race together, MAYBE he’ll even be my rabbit and I’ll chase after him and break a 20 min 5k.  A girl can dream, right?

4. I’ve learned to be a better friend– In a self diagnosis I think I used to have social anxiety or maybe I was just a loner? IDK but running has made me or shall I say let me branch out.  I’ve met so many great people whether it be through my amazing Twitter community or in real life.  I’ve been able to become closer with friends I’ve lost touch with just by saying ” Wanna go for a run?” or ” I saw you running, lets get together!”. So thank you running, I’m now at a place in my life that I think I always wanted to be.

5. Inspiring others Inspires me– There’s nothing better than hearing that someone close to me wants to start running.  I realized I like helping people and being there for them whether its encouragement, a good ole’ venting sesh, or a plain old run.  Recently, my boyfriend and I started running together. It’s nice because he does my warm-up with me, then I drop him off back at my house and I take off and we meet up later.  I wish I was able to get ALL of my friends to start running, but I’ll take what I can get– it’s all a process 😉

This video always inspires me to run fast. In my dream world Lauren Fleshman & I are BFF’s and go on runs together.  That doesn’t sound stalker-ish does it?

Until next time, Run Hard. Run Long. Run Strong.


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