Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Run??

I was itching to run all day today.  I felt like I just needed to get it out of me.  Unfortunately right before I was leaving work dark skies started to set in. I was praying for the storm to hold off until I got my run out, it was only two miles after all!  I drove up to the trails and ran in.  I know it was supposed to be a recovery day, but I just can’t seem to slow down.  It’s almost harder for me to slow down!! My legs were super sore from yesterday, but I think the fact that the sky was rumbling and started to light up I couldn’t let my run my interruptted.  This was MY run after all.  I finished in record time, yippee!, but I knew it I should have made it a lighter day the second I got back to my car.  My legs were s-h-o-t.  The second I got home I turned on the AC, I know I know diva, and stretched for a half hour all while watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager, at least that’s what I think it’s called.  The show totally wrapped me in and before I knew it my stretching was done and my legs felt connected to my body once again! Tomorrow, I have the day off. From running that is.  How much runners guilt do you think I’ll have?


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