Hills, Hills, Hills

Ahhhhh.  The day has come, the dreaded hill repeats.  I don’t know why but I always get that crazy butterfly feeling in my stomach before I’m about to head out, kind of like how I used to get before my dance competitions.  Luckily, my boyfriend kept me company today.  It was nice to be able to run together.

I started out with 3 long hill repeats.  My brother told me to stop at the sign on  top, but he managed to leave out how freakin’ far away the sign was from the bottom.  I literally felt like death on my first one.  I could be from my amazing choice to have greasy garlic knots stuffed with roasted red pepper ricotta from Whole Foods.  Yes awesome idea Brianna I told myself.  I guess you live and learn.  So besides the awkward garlic-y burps that I tried to silently hide on my jogs back down, it went pretty well.  Next on my training list was another 3 short hill repeats, it was like little bursts of sprinting energy I had to push out.  Surprisingly these were pretty easy considering the hell I felt like I put my body through 5 minutes prior.  Funny thing is, during my second week of running my brother took me up this same hill and it killed me.  Fast forward 5 months and I spring up this thing!  Feels pretty good.

A funny scenario to leave you with, after I jogged back down after my first short hill repeat I decided to take a few seconds to catch my breath, even though knowing if my brother was here he would be yelling at me to get back up.  Next thing I know, it was like he was there, the sprinklers turn towards me and get me soaked leaving me no other option than to sprint back up the damn hill.

Funny how things work out huh?


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