Day 4- Early Morning Run

So I decided to get up at 7:30, which is early for me!, to get my run in before leaving for the city, it was friends 21st woo-hoo!  I attempted to stay in my development for my 6 mile run, but after the first mile I knew that wasn’t happening.  Since I’ve been running in my development for so long, I know where the tough spots are and where I normally get tired which to say the least, can be so mentally hard.  Before I even get to the hills I find myself slowing down and becoming out of breath because I know back when I started running, these were my troubles spots.  I keep trying to tell myself I shouldn’t be doing this, but I constantly find myself analyzing every little thing and counting the miles, which you know can’t be good.  So, at mile 3 I ran home hopped in my car and drove to some trails.

By this point the day was already heating up, I was kicking myself for hitting the snooze on my 6am alarm, I knew these last 3 miles weren’t going to be easy but I hit the trails with confidence anyway.  I remembered to bring my arm band, thankfully, stuck my iPhone in there and blasted Nirvana radio on Pandora, did you ever realize you work out better when you have angry music on?  I took off jamming out to some great music and woke the woods up with the raspy grungy voice of Kurt Cobain.  It was so beautiful to be in the trails in the morning,although I must have been the first one on the trails so I ran through all the spiderwebs first hand… ew.  Three miles came and went before I knew it.  I even stopped a few times to just take it all in, I felt like my friend Patty.  She does the same while shes on her bike rides.  It felt so nice and peaceful to just be there and breathe in fresh air.

Hopefully tonight I’ll stay true to my “5k” diet and don’t drink to much.  Gotta look and feel good for the race!


One thought on “Day 4- Early Morning Run

  1. Hi Bri,

    Thanks for the shout out. It makes me feel so good to know you get it. To be present in the moment is awe – Grace of GOD. It is a beautiful thing and running is taking you there. go forth 🙂


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